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How Not to Have Big Vet Bills in Your Future

Nutrition - Obese Cats are not Healthy Cats
It is very important to read the label of ingredients. There are two lists on the packaging. One is percentages of protein, fat, etc. The other listing is of the actual ingredients. Foods should have protein as the 1st. ingredient and the more the better, i.e. chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, et al. (healthy cats require more protein than dogs). Fat, fiber and moisture will complete the makeup. Vitamins should be there in good supply. Cats must have Taurine for good eyesight and can only obtain this from their food. Omega 6 and 3 are especially good for skin and coat. Most foods will have ash and magnesium, but these should be in very small amounts. If the words by-products appear in the ingredient list; i.e. "chicken or meat by-products" then you should avoid this food or request more information from the manufacturer as this is a catch-all phrase that can allow the manufacturer to put a lot of things into the product that you don't want to feed your cat.
The foods with a goodmakeup are usually called premium foods and are higher in price. Since premium foods have a higher nutritional value you feed less food so price between the two is actually very similar and the cat does not become fat from eating lots of carbohydrates and fillers.
If the food contains by-products or is heavy in meal it is a bad investment in nutrition for your cat and financially for you. Also, there is a big element of buyer beware in all this. Many good companies build up their name over time and are then sold to a large company that makes a variety of food items for people as well as animals. The new company oftentimes starts substituting their by-products such as chicken beaks and feet and other waste materials from their other manufacturing into the newly acquired premium pet food so one should continue to read the labels over time.
By feeding wisely and watching your cats weight you should be able to avoid future vet bills for diabetes and other problems which are now becoming more common in today's cat population.


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