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Grooming Philosophy

Fat Cats grooms kitties with a gentle touch. We try to create as little stress on kitty as possible. Our procedures are tailored to meet the needs of the individual cat. One cat may take longer than another because he needs rest periods. Another kitty, because of his long hair, may take as long as two hours to dry in our surround fluffying dryer. We have brought together the best shampoo, conditioners and grooming techniques in a clean and safe environment to provide the best experience available for kitty.

Grooming Technique

We offer stylized cuts and shaves such as the classic Lion Cut, baths (w/defleaing available), Nail clipping and Soft Claws application. The Lion Cut price includes bath. All baths include nailclipping, eyes and ears cleaned. The prices below reflect basic charges. We advise a bath be given with all cuts(Tummy Shaves, Fanny Clips). This allows us to do a second shave after the bath, smoothing the cut and getting rid of many of the elements that caused the matting in the first place. If your cat is badly matted and needs hand de-matting, please realize that dematting which entails individually and carefully working out mats without pulling kitty's skin can take several hours. A lion cut, cape cod or partial shaving may be a better solution, less stressful to the kitty as well as less costly. We are specialists in soft claws(paws) application(great alternative to declawing.) We will make every effort to give your cat the best care we can at affordable prices.

Note: We would like a copy of kitty's current vaccinations before groom.

Grooming Rates

Basic Shorthair Bath: $35.00
Basic Longhair Bath: $45.00
De-flea: Bath Price + add $15.00
Tummy Shave (inc. fc): $25.00 - $30.00
Fanny Clip: $10.00 - $15.00
De-Matting: $10.00 per 15 minutes
Lion Cut: $70.00 - $80.00
Soft Claws(Paws) Application $35.00+ cost of kit
($21.95 or bring your own kit).
Extra person help hold $5.00, 10.00 up

All prices are our basic rates. If it is necessary for us to use an extra person to help hold kitty ensuring both the cat's & our safety or spend time (ie: dematting) then you will be charged for the additional time involved. Please feel free to ask us about these possible charges & to inspect our grooming premises.

We will go over your needs and what it is possible for us to do with your kitty at check in. Please express your expectations to us at that time. We will try to meet your expectations for the look of your kitty while assuring the safety and not overly stressing your cat.

Professionally Grooming Houston Cats since 1999

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