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Fleas have always been a nuisance and an irritant to us and our cats, but now they are literally killing cats due to anemia and Feline Infectious Anemia. Even flea-bite allergies can cause severe debilitation.
Warm winters bring more fleas and more problems. You must attack them aggressively. Remember, this is WAR.
To win the war on fleas, you MUST plan a thoughtful campaign to treat three areas simultaneously - Cat(s), home and yard - since 5% of the fleas are on the cat and 95% are in the environment. Please read this complete article, then make reservations with a pest-control professional, if necessary, and your professional cat-care facility to prevent scheduling problems and a too-quick attempt at de-fleaing.

Take your cat(s) to a professional for gentle, effective de-fleaing procedures. NEVER DIP A CAT! If your professional facility offers supplies, discuss with the staff which foggers, carpet/floor sprays and yard sprays you will need to control your level of infestation.
Now, with the cat(s) safely out of the house, de-flea your home.

1. "Prep" the home by vacuuming everywhere thoroughly, especially the cat(s)' favorite areas. Check and clean under refrigerator, washer and dryer for nests of fleas in loose hair, lint, etc.
Discard the vacuum bag immediately! Spray inside the vacuum with an insecticide, or toss a piece of a flea collar inside the clean bag (the ONLY use we recommend for flea collars!).

2. Wash the cat(s)' bedding.

3. Empty all litter boxes and dispose of all used litter outside the home. Clean the box and replace with clean litter only AFTER you have treated the home.

4. Before Fogging remove all animals from the home. Cover all food, plates and utensils, pet dishes and water bowls. Then Fog. For a mild infestation (fewer than 10 fleas) or preventive measures, treat the inside of the home with room foggers made with an IGR. Follow the instructions on the fogger, using a separate fogger in each room with no airflow from a treated area.
Close windows and shut off all airflow systems, ceiling fans, etc. Leave premises for as long as the label directs (probably long enough to treat the yard). Make sure all surfaces are completely dry before returning, and air premises for one hour.

5. For a moderate infestation, a floor/carpet spray must be used in addition to the foggers. Following package instructions, spray entire floor surface, concentrating on areas where cat(s) spend the most time. Follow spraying with fogging, as in (4).

6. For a heavy infestation, you may want to call in a pest-control professional. NOTE: Make sure the professional understands the need for using both foggers and spray since you have cat(s).

7. Don't forget to fog the garage and car!

Fleas hatch in grass, living on grass sap until they taste blood. Fleas come into the house to escape heat, to find food or water, or just to make your life difficult. To do a completely effective job, you must de-flea the yard.
Have your yard professionally sprayed when the house is treated, or treat it yourself with any one of a number of effective sprays. Follow instructions carefully, and prevent cat(s) from walking on treated grass for the recommended length of time.

Do it all again, to catch the newly hatched fleas. Repeat the same steps; however, a non-residual (and less expensive) fogger may be used the second time around. You may need to repeat the 14-day treatment cycle later in the summer. Watch carefully!

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