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We welcome you to visit Fat Cat Flats Boarding Facility for a tour. A walk thru will help you gauge for yourself and your cat our cleanliness, caring and suitablity. After all cleanliness, safety and smell are big factors for your Cat. We are Cats Only, No dogs anywhere in our facility. We are not an add on to a dog kennel so our staff is not handling dogs and neither they nor our boarding units smell of dog. The noise and stresses that come with a cat boarding area within what is primarily a dog facility do not exist so kitty settles in easily.

All boarding flats are suitable for one kitty. Flats may adjoin for kitties from same household and kitties may move freely from one flat to the other. Each kitty will be fed in its own flat for the first day or so to ensure that kitty is eating properly. We feed only premium foods, both dry & wet (this is included in charges). If you wish, we will feed your food at no extra charge.

All kitties must be spayed or neutered, be current on their vaccinations, preferably no less than 2 weeks prior to boarding (if they aren't, please call for more info as we may waive vacs under certain conditions.). We must have a copy of any of their vacs prior to boarding. All kitties must have their vets' full information on file with us (name, address, phone nos.) along with any pertinent information as to their health history/needs.

There are many variables in choosing boarding accommadations that we can not go over easily in an e-mail(size of kitty, temperament, etc.) so please call us direct to determine your exact requirements for your Kitty. Call 713-528(MEOW)6369.

Boarding Rates per Day

Studio/Holiday: $19/day
Cottage: $23/day (Midsize unit w/separate litter box area)
Suite: $27/day (A larger flat for big kitties - or, if desired, can accommodate 2nd kitty for an additional $11/ day)(Suite can accommodate kittens & Mom/2 small cats or one large cat)

Accomadations for 2, 3 or more cats in multi-cat units available, please inquire for rates. Long term boarding(over three months) may be eligible for discount based on situation. All fees are quoted per day or any part of a day. First time borders or boarding over two weeks require a deposit based on each situation with a dependable credit card on file to charge every two weeks to keep charges current.

Boarding Tips & Policies

1. The check-in procedure is very important to you, your cat, and our staff. The better acquainted with your cat and his/her needs, the better we can care for your cat. You will need to supply us a current vaccination record or Vet letter. Your cat must be current on a minimum of rabies and distemper vacs. If this is an issue for you please discuss it with us prior to boarding day. We need a copy of current vaccinations. We may waive vacs at our discretion based on situation, ie cat has allergic reaction,etc.

2. The boarding agreement is invaluable. If you are unable to fill it out in advance, please allow ample time to complete it while we check your cat for fleas. This procedure can take 10 to 15 minutes or longer at peak travel times. Please include pertinent information as to your cats temperament; i.e.. Likes head and ears scratched but will bite if you stroke lower back, health history such as asthma even if it has been a long time since cat has had a bout. Please list any currrent or ongoing health problems each time you board.

3. Double check information to make sure we will have the correct phone numbers for your destination and your local contact person and any e-mail addresses. These numbers are our only link with you in an emergency

4.Bring something from home. A small, washable reminder of you, or a toy will be comforting.(Remember, it may get lost if cat bats it around so don't bring something you can't do w/out). Label it clearly and indelibly, please. Avoid large items such as pillows, huge beds, etc. They'll just crowd your cat.

5. A comfortable, safe carrier is a must…loose cats are a danger to themselves and others. The carrier must remain here so that it may be used to transport your cat in an emergency, please label it with your name as well.

6. Remove all collars so we can more easily flea check your cat upon arrival. (We check them all to keep the boarding area flea-free). In this closed environment we don't use collars for identification.

7. Your cat will be checked for fleas upon arrival while you are at check in. If evidence of fleas is found, your cat must be de-fleaed with a flea bath before it can enter the boarding area. Your cat will receive a professional groom and deflea. You will be charged for this. Costs range from $50 up for this service. If you are suspicious that your cat may have fleas you may want to bring your cat to us prior to drop off day for a check(please call ahead to make arrangements)thus allowing you to bathe and deflea at home saving this cost.

8. We feed premium quality dry and wet foods twice daily and this is included in boarding charges. If your cat has special needs such as prescription or other special diets we can feed these at no extra charge. Please bring only the amount needed for the stay in a reseal-able container; plastic containers with tight fitting lids or freezer-type bag with your name and your cat's name on it. If you wish to bring some treats, we will be happy to give these at our playtime with your cat.

9. If cat requires medications: label all medications with cat's name, owner's name, vet's name, clear, specific instructions, medication name, and what it's for. We prefer to have extra pills/needles. (When administering shots or fluids we wish to use a new needle for each injection). We will follow your instruction faithfully in medicating your cat, and will contact a vet if there are any unusual reactions. There are extra charges for giving meds. We CAN NOT accept cats w/communicable diseases only chronic problems.

10. All immunizations must be completed two weeks prior to boarding, to ensure that there are no side effects. While we take every precaution possible to avoid undue stress and illness, please be aware that immunizations do not prevent your cat's getting sick - they may only prevent the most virulent form of the disease. If your cat is not current, and you need to obtain vaccinations for him/her, please speak with us prior to doing so as there are some possibilities available such as not giving all vaccinations at one time to avoid stressing cat (and giving balance of vaccinations when you return). If you intend to board immediately, before giving vaccinations please speak with us on this.
We need copies of any vaccinations before boarding so please have records available for us to copy or have your vet fax them to us at (713) 526-3022. FYI: Vets are following different protocols on how often to give vacs so we cannot guarantee that all cats we are boarding will be on same protocol.

11. MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: We need all pertinent information for your cat; vet clinic name and phone number. If a specific vet usually cares for your cat at a clinic, please give us the vets name as well as the clinic name and phone numbers and any special instructions on what you would like us to do in an emergency if "your" vet is unavailable. Depending on the location of your vet and availability we may choose to take your cat to one of the vets that is nearest to us and who will see him sooner than we can get him to your vet. There are many excellant all cat vets in our area. We will try to contact your vet for additional information prior to this but sometimes due to seriousness of problem it is necessary to get to the best available vet. Remember that over the holidays, your vet may be gone or closed. In this event we will seek vet help from our vets. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CHARGES, i.e.; do you have pet insurance, if so we need info on it, if we can't contact you is there a ceiling to cost of care for which you wish to be responsible, testing can run into several hundred even thousands of dollars. It will be up to our discretion to seek care for your cat if we feel it is warranted. Please go over any medical conditions current or past that might affect your cat,;ie diabetes in remission, heart murmur diagnosed as a kitten, asthma. If we are prepared for the unexpected we can put forth our best efforts when it occurs.

Questions? If you'd like an explanation of any tip or policy, please contact our staff. We want to reassure you that we at Fat Cat Flats will provide a safe and loving environment for your cat. Call (713) 528 - MEOW (6369) for reservations. At holiday and busy vacation times try to reserve at least 1 mo. prior (a deposit is required) .

We have several different style accommodations available. Charges include premium quality wet and dry food fed twice daily or per your instructions. We use non-clay litters; ecologically sound and very safe for your cat. Soothing music plays throughout the day. We have a playroom with "catio" for observation, scratching posts and runs for exercise and TV for that feel of home. We are on site and spend quality "petting/visiting" time with each cat throughout the day. We offer grooming services and kitty massage (w/additional fees) during cat's stay.

Fat Cat Hours:

M-F 10AM to 6PM
SAT: 10AM to 5PM
Sunday pickup by appointment only. Closed Sundays

Cats can be dropped off for grooming or boarding prior to 10AM by appointment.
Our boarding fees are per day or any part of a day; a $25 after-hours checkout fee will be charged if picking up after closing and prior arrangement has been made. We are closed on Sunday but you can pickup by prior arrangement. Sunday pickup will be at 11 AM and will be charged for full day+$10 & must be requested at drop off. At other times on Sun. then a $25 charge will apply.

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