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Fat Cat Flats is a privately owned, "cats" only boarding and grooming resort. We have toys, supplies, premium foods and litters for cats and the "Wow Meow Gallerie" of arts and gifts for cats and cat lovers. We are located in Montrose at 1516 W. Alabama, Houston, Texas 77006. Our phone (713) 528-MEOW (6369) and fax (713) 526-3022.

Adoption & Rescue Agencies for Cats

Please be aware that many of these agencies are staffed with volunteers and they put in many hours finding homes for their furry friends, thus they want good, stable homes. You may be asked questions about yourself and your home environment to help them determine a good match for you. You will be offered advice on care and what to expect in accepting the financial costs and responsibilities of cat ownership so please do not be offended and accept the advice and concern for the animal in the spirit that it is given. Also, when you call, you may need to leave your name and a contact number for them to get back to you as manning the phones is a big job and it is not always possible for someone to be available at all times.

Houston's two large pet chains stores, PETCO & Petsmart have space where adoptees are available to be seen on weekends. The Petco on 2110 S. Shepherd near Westheimer often has kitties on view during the week as well.

Adopt-A-Cat - (281) 580-6652, 17319 Bamwood Road (1960 & I-45 area) Houston, Texas 77090.

Homeless Pet Placement League - (713) 862-7387, P. O. Box 273027, Houston, Texas 77277; Andrea of HPPL is available to answer your questions and there is a website you may visit; And Gift Certificates are available so that a new owner may choose.

HOPE, Homeless and Orphaned Pets Endeavor - (713) 622-HOPE (4673), P. O. Box 273331, Houston, Texas 77277-3331

Houston Humane Society - (713) 433-6421/6453, 14700 Almeda Rd. Adoption and spay and neuter clinic;

Houston SPCA - (713) 869-7722, 900 Portway,

Memorial Cat Hospital - (713) 461-2287 12424 Memorial Drive (near Lantern Lane Center) Houston, Texas 77024. They often have pictures of available cats on their bulletin board

S.N.A.P., Spay and Neuter Clinic - (713) 863-0010, 1603 Shepherd Dr., Free and low cost spay and neuter services as well as a low cost wellness clinic,

Cat Veterinary Clinic - (713) 523-5171, 2125 W. Alabama, Houston 77098.

Purchasing Pedigreed Cats

Local Reference:
Dr. Cindy Rigoni and Office Staff (especially Carolyn) at All Cats Veterinary Clinic, 9119 Stella Link, Houston 77025
(713) 664-2287.

National and International Organizations:
The International Cat Association -
The Cat Fancier's Association -
Cat Fancy - a magazine available at Fat cat Flats that has a nationwide directory of breeder listings as well as good informational articles in every issue.

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